The number 1 reason for keeping accounting records is so that you can measure and improve your business performance.

Yes, you need to keep the taxman happy with correct records, but primarily as a business owner you need to know what your profit is, when and how much money is coming in and where it’s all going.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure and if you want to keep your business ahead of your competition you need a way of measuring that performance. Manual cash books and Excel spreadsheets are a way of recording information but it is time consuming and doesn’t provide any reporting capability.

With advances in technology, accounting software is online, easier to use and at a lower cost. We recommend and use Xero. Xero not only helps you keep your accounts, but helps you chase your debtors, automatically invoice your customers and even let’s your staff book leave online. 10 years ago an automated accounting package like this would have cost tens of thousands of dollars. For a low monthly fee, Xero provides these great features and more.

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Xero software is available on the internet, just like your online bank and webmail.

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Automatically send invoices to your customers, even get paid online.

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Xero automically downloads your bank transactions and codes them for you, saving hours.

Real-time reports

Xero does the complex number crunching, so with one click you can instantly generate all the information you need to prepare your sales tax returns.

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