We want to make it as easy as possible for you to deal with us.

When you make an appointment with us we block out that time in our calendar to ensure that we can focus on your needs (we don't double book appointments). We want to make the time as productive as possible so we have provided the information below to help you prepare for the appointment.

For new clients please complete our online form by clicking here or arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so that you can complete the form and we can set you up in our system.

Individual Tax Returns**

If this is the first time that we have prepared your return, please bring a copy of your last year’s return as there may be vital information such as asset values or losses that can be claimed as deductions in this year.

From 1 July 2013 the ATO requires that bank account details be provided where there is a refund payable. We will not be able to lodge your return if you do not provide bank account details. Due to changes in the tax law regarding Private Health Insurance, there are certain details that we are now required to include in your tax return. These details will be included on your annual statement from your Private Health Fund, which you must bring to your appointment.

To ensure that we include all relevant income and claim as many deductions as possible, please review our checklists by clicking here and bring those items that are relevant to the preparation of your return. If you are unsure of any questions, just ask the accountant during your appointment or call the office. It is not a requirement for us to view all your receipts or evidence of deductions that you wish to claim, however you are required to acknowledge when signing your return that you have this evidence to support your claim. If you have any doubt, please bring the information with you.

Where you have income or expenditure relating to ownership of rental properties, the sale of shares, the sale of rental properties or foreign income, it would be important to bring documents to support these claims so that we can view them and make copies for your file where appropriate. You can download a Rental Property Checklist by clicking here.

**Important Note: For appointments booked during July and August, you must bring your payment summary(s) from your employer as this information is not usually available from the ATO Tax Agent Portal. Employers are only required to send this information to the ATO by the 14th August, therefore information is not usually available till the end of August.

Please see below for the payment options available on the day.

If there is additional information that we require to complete your return, which you have not brought to your appointment, there may be additional charges.

Business Tax Returns

To prepare for your business tax return appointment (company, trust or partnership), please complete our questionnaire click here (for sole traders click here for our standard spreadsheet). This will help you gather all the information that we need to get started on your return straight away. If you are a new client, we would meet with you to get an understanding of your business before commencing work on your return. We will not start work until all information has been provided, so as to not waste time stopping and starting and incurring unnecessary cost.

If you can’t make it to our office, that’s no problem, we can correspond by phone or email and you can email, post or fax your information through.

Other Appointments

Generally there are no specific requirements if your appointment relates to general business advice or general tax advice. If ever you are in doubt, simply call the office and we’ll be happy to help you.


We can take payment by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or Fee From Refund (FFR). For individual tax return preparation we require payment on the day by one of the above methods. For payments made via FFR a $33 handling fee is also deducted from your refund.


We are located upstairs, opposite 24/7 Power Fitness, in the Main Street of Ellenbrook. The nearest cross street is The Parkway. Limited parking is available on Main St, however there is parking out the back of the office. Click here for a map of our location. Often the easiest way to find us is to go to Dome on Main Street (grab a drink) and walk south towards the library for about 30 metres then turn right into the allay after Bendigo Bank, we’re just up the stairs on the left.